Give option to retry entering credentials when installing updates to ArcGIS Pro

01-04-2022 09:02 PM
Status: Open
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When you open ArcGIS Pro, the notification pops up saying there is an update to install. So I start the process and it downloads 2GB+ of install files then asks for administrator credentials to continue. I enter some credentials and hit enter - except they're the wrong ones. Instead of getting an option to try again (i.e. call our IT department and get their credentials), it just exits the update process. This means that next time I attempt to run the update, if the install files have been cleared, it downloads all the files from scratch. It's also annoying have to open ArcGIS Pro from scratch. 

It would be good if instead of exiting the update process, it came up with the Options to either Exit, Retry or return to the existing version of ArcGIS Pro.