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10-30-2018 01:26 AM
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The attribute pane does not resize well.  If you make it skinny the scroll bars do nothing. e.g. see what happens when I move the scroll bar to the right:

attribute pane scroll leftattribute pane scroll right

nothing changes!

Also, when it is slightly wider the values appear, but you can't scroll to see them because the scroll bar has gone!

attribute pane slightly wider

Please make the attribute name and value columns independently resizable and improve the scroll bar logic.


Do you use the hover tips?  (Caveat, I'm on a daily build of 2.3 and haven't compared to current behavior in 2.2).  It looks like the field name and value columns can be controlled, perhaps not independently, but I can make one narrower which makes the other one wider and vice versa, obviously limited by the overall width of the Attributes Pane.  When the full value is showing, there is no hover tip, because you can see the full data. When part of the value is cut off due to the narrow width of the pane, you get a hover tip:


Hi Kory Kramer,

Thanks for your reply.  The hover tips aren't that useful when you are editing attributes, it would be much more useful if the scroll bar would let you scroll all the way to the end of the attribute values.  I'm not sure if you can reproduce this behaviour, but when I resize the attributes pane width, the scroll bar randomly flickers in and out, which is weird.  I discovered after watching your gifs above that you can resize the columns which is nice, but there is little visual indication in the GUI that this is possible if you don't get the cursor in the exact right place.  Maybe a vertical dividing line between the columns would provide this.


Thanks for the feedback, Marc.  Noted.


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