Enable ArcGIS Pro to Automatically Import an MXD with "Open With"

01-14-2020 11:22 AM
Status: Open
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Please enable ArcGIS Pro to automatically import an MXD file with "Open With" from a file browser.

This means enabling ArcGIS Pro to allow an MXD as an input parameter in the file name position.  If an MXD is present, Pro would recognize that it's an MXD and import it.  Seems simple enough. 

Currently in ArcGIS Pro, in order to import an MXD you must open ArcGIS Pro, select an import function and browse to the MXD and do the import.  The suggestion above would save this tedium and extra steps.

Here's an example:


Kory Kramer‌, I think this may be already offered?


Hi Thomas Colson‌ The key to David's request is to do this from "a file browser."  

I agree that if you're browsing your directories from within Pro, you just Import and Open.  

But if you're browsing through mxds in Windows file explorer, and try Open with... it just opens ArcGIS Pro to the start page. 

So in a sense, this may be related to your zombie idea with templates: https://community.esri.com/ideas/14762 Double-clicking on a template just opens Pro...  


Yes, exactly, Kory.  Open it from directly from Windows File Explorer or even a command line by making ArcGIS Pro recognize it as a valid input file parameter.


@KoryKramer Would it be possible to add "Import MXD" to the New > Project Templates and use a wizard with options on what to import: Maps, Layouts, Bookmarks, Grid, Graphics, etc.?




@JakeKrall There is an existing idea about importing only certain things from an mxd here https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-pro-ideas/arcgis-pro-import-mxd-choose-what-to-import/idi-p/925...

For what you're asking about adding an Import MXD option directly to the project creation workflow, that would be a different idea from this one which is about enabling the import directly from file explorer.