Drawing Tablet toolbar and compatibility in Arcgis Pro

01-29-2018 10:42 PM
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I prefer to use a tablet instead of a mouse in my mapping work. In arcmap, there is a tablet option where we can convert a graphic into a feature which is not that responsive with what I am doing but still, it is useful, the tablet hotkeys can be integrated into the customizable keys which is also good. The advancement in ArcMap ie. the ArcGIS pro which is having everything that is quite impressive except the tablet toolbar. If the tablet option is integrated into this software it is really helpful for fast output. I suggest this Idea.Huion tablet


Yes please!!


My company and many of our partners would also be interested in this feature for ArcGIS Pro!


The drawing tablet feature was so easy to use in ArcView I cannot even imagine why it was dropped in the newest version of ArcGIS Pro. It allowed users to enter information not only from digital sources but from paper, mylar, or any other medium in a simple and consistant way. Please have a rethink on this and add it in to Pro.


I have been using a XP-PEN ( https://www.xp-pen.com ) drawing tablet with ArcGIS for the past 5 years and have found it to be incredibly useful. I have only used the Deco 01 (A4) but the ability to program the 8 shortcut keys has saved countless repetitive hand trips to the keyboard - and when you are capturing a lot of little areas of data this can be quite some distance.

However, by far the most beneficial aspect is that your hand rests in a more natural position, rather than rotated (like you get with a mouse) and so you can use it all day everyday, and you do not get any pains in the hand or higher up in your arm. I no longer use the mouse for any of my applications because the tablet is so easy to use once you have got used to it.


Our organisation would also benefit greatly from having a tool similar to ArcMap's tablet toolbar in ArcGIS Pro.

The currently available option Touch Screen editing is of some use but it is very limited compared to the ‘Tablet toolbar’ feature within ArcMap. Particularly drawing lines and polygons is pretty much undoable at the moment: touching the screen to draw a line or polygon while streaming vertices makes the map move rather than getting anything drawn. 


To emphasize the need, here are three other threads I found that are relevant to this topic

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and also a YouTube tutorial I found that shows exactly how ArcMap's tablet toolbar works, which would be very desirable to have in ArcGIS Pro.

Using a Pen and Tablet PC to Digitize in ArcGIS


I would like to see support for a Wacom tablet in ArcGIS Pro. I used one for years with ArcMap but  Pro's lack of support is frustrating. I switched to a tablet after developing tendonitis. I'm surprised that there's no support considering how popular these tablets are with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop users.