Download button grayed out for ArcGIS Pro

02-11-2018 10:26 PM
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Unable to update ArcGIS Pro as the button is grayed out. 

How to Apply ArcGIS Pro Software Updates | ArcGIS Blog fails to work. There are no network restrictions, product  fails to update with both Portal for ArcGIS and AGOL.

Based on my understanding of the discussion on‌ this idea is requesting for the automatic update to not rely on being signed in to an ArcGIS Online account.  The request is to allow the Download Now button to be active when the user is connected to an ArcGIS Enterprise portal.


Please see the info box I added to the description.  Is that clarification of the idea's description correct?


That is exactly what we are looking for. Although with the login to Portal or AGOL the download button is not activated.


I have this issue with my personal ArcGIS i use at home. The statement in the Info Box is incorrect: I am logged in into my ArcGIS online account and  the button is disabled. Somehow i don't have this problem at work with my work software (different account) 


It doesn't matter whether I am logged in or not - the button is disabled.

by Anonymous User

For the download now button to function, your licensing portal must be set to arcgis online as a named user license with an arcgispro add on. If you are using single use or concurrent use licensing you must run the next versions executable manually for upgrades. 

I am at the moment uncertain about licensing coming from arcgis enterprise portal. I can check on that an add to this answer later. 


I believe the download now button will become enabled if you are logged into ArcGIS Pro with an ArcGIS account connected to your My Esri organization with "downloads" permission enabled (it is not enabled by default).  Note for Concurrent Use license users, the download now button can cause problems if your organization is not using the latest license manager software, the download now button may push out the latest Pro release that is not compatible with your license manager..


I wanted to provide an update here for others with the same issue as I recently encountered this problem. As other commenters described, ArcGIS Pro cannot update if your licensing source is Arcgis Enterprise Portal. The suggested workaround is to change to an organizational Arcgis Online account for software updates OR have your Enterprise administrator send out update installers. The first option is not possible as all Portal users do not have AGOL accounts and the second option is cumbersome with the frequent ArcGIS Pro updates.

I just spoke with technical support today regarding this problem. This issue has a bug number (BUG-000114544) and a fix is not currently planned, with the explanation being it is a "user error".

Here is screenshot of what I see when trying to download the update:

Download Now not working with enterprise portal licensingDownload Now not working with enterprise portal licensing

I hope that ESRI reconsiders and plans to fix this bug.


Thanks @NickWeil for the post. I read your post after spending a couple of hours trying to figure this out. I hope Esri fixes this up. I think the only option left is to manually download the new version from the MyEsri account and install it.


This setup is hard to understand as end user. We obviously have the product installed and we surely have a license, either by AGOL or floating licensemanager.. What is the reason for ESRI not to let users upgrade and install patches? A classic question of income protection vs good customer experience.. and in our situation, we are valid customers with Enterprise portals and floating licenses, but stuck with **bleep** customer experience.