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07-16-2014 02:11 PM
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When you set a definition query on a layer in ArcMap, it would be nice to have some cue to let you know that not all of the records in the layer is showing (due to the query).  Something akin to the exclamation point when the link to the data is broken. 


maybe a minor change in the background colour of the table, or a different colour title bar for the table.

Please address this. I have so many coworkers that get confused because a definition query is left on when a different person is using an mxd than the person who created it. It also wastes time to have to click through properties to see if this is on. A simple icon that can be clicked to go directly to the definition query interface would streamline this. 


This is an easy fix in the UI that would benefit all users. Everyone has had this happen to them at some point. It is crazy that this idea has been out there for 7 years! 

The only workaround is to add text to the layer name that the layer has a definition query. 

Status changed to: Closed

There is no plan to implement this through adding an icon to layers in the table of contents. 

Currently in ArcGIS Pro, the layers in the Contents pane can be filtered to show active definition queries.  For layers with an active query, which query is active can be seen from the Data tab's Definition Query group.


This is a screenshot of the filter:




@KoryKramer  I didn't know this existed. Thanks for pointing it out. I still think some sort of indicator on the contents pane would be helpful for users. This is buried in the ribbon and is hard to find for novice users. QGIS has an indicator in the table of contents for definition queries. 


An icon next to the layers' checkbox would be great! JakeKrall_0-1637002765302.png This would show if a definition query was set.


I agree that some sort of icon or different font would be SO SO helpful. I don't understand why this idea has been "closed" seeing that users are still looking for an improovement/enhancement.


Agree, this would be a neat little enhancement that is not resolved by the filter. Great functionality, but not a solution to the request. It sounds like the idea originator wants this at a glance, not a 2-click shuffle that has to be done and undone whenever they want to take a look. Filtering also (obviously) removes non-relevant layers, and personally, I like context and for my display to not jump around a whole lot - I'd like to see where these layers are relative to others without sending a search party.

The comment about new users or even experts that may not realize a definition query is on should also be considered - they're not going to go filter the list to check on that. And again, the back and forth of it - eh. I agree, a little icon would be a helpful indicator for new users and daily drivers alike. A similar argument could be made for selection layers.

Each icon could also link to the appropriate tab of Layer Properties (definition query icon > definition query builder; selection icon > selection or source tab).




How do we re-open this idea!? I agree with what rburke-bsrc says above!!!!!


100% agree with rburke-bsrc sugjestion. Really disappointed this was closed.