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Create new toolbox from Select Default Toolbox dialog

04-13-2022 02:03 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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When setting the default home folder, geodatabase, and toolbox on a project, it's possible to create a new folder and geodatabase from the dialogs launched by the appropriate options, but not toolboxes.

Currently, it goes:

  1. cancel out
  2. save your options
  3. close the backstage
  4. find catalog view
  5. open catalog view
  6. navigate to the desired location
  7. create the toolbox
  8. close catalog view
  9. reopen the backstage
  10. reopen options
  11. launch the Select Default Toolbox box
  12. re-navigate to the new toolbox
  13. select it and try to save
  14. receive a 'The default toolbox does not exist' error (starting a support case on that now)
  15. cancel and close the application
  16. reopen the project
  17. reopen the backstage
  18. reopen options
  19. relaunch the Select Default Toolbox box
  20. re-navigate to the new toolbox
  21. select it and save.

Update: The error in step 14 cannot be resolved by restarting the application.

My proposed workflow:

  1. navigate to the desired location
  2. create the toolbox and save.

It would be even better if the same context menu available in folders in catalog view/pane were just implemented everywhere for consistency and ease of use.



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@wayfaringrob I'm stuck on step 14 of your list. I have opened and closed ArcPro many times but I still get the "The default toolbox does not exist' error. Have you found a solution for this yet? Many Thanks!


@JenLangevin  you are correct. I had selected something different thinking it was my new one. I am having the same issue you are.


@JenLangevin  this part of it is now logged as BUG-000148962.


It looks like that error will be resolved in ArcGIS Pro 3.0 when projects' default toolboxes are .atbx anyway. The new toolbox format (atbx) was added in Pro 2.9 to prepare for switching over to them as the default in 3.0. I did a quick test on a development build and do not receive the error described in the bug.


I am in Pro 3.2.1 and there is still not a way to create a new toolbox from the select default dialog box, like you can with a geodatabase (Under Options > General > Create projects).  

Few of our users have an existing toolbox to make default so they have to select ‘new default toolbox for each project’ and then either end up with lots of empty unneeded toolboxes cluttering up the files, or they have to remember to create a toolbox in the appropriate location and then go back into Options to make it the default for all projects.

Why not add Toolbox as an option under New Item like Folder & File Geodatabase? 


@DeborahVeen1  I think Kory was referring to that last part that was actually a bug. I wouldn't expect the core of it to be implemented anytime soon unfortunately

Status changed to: Under Consideration