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02-24-2020 02:34 PM
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Today I finally became frustrated enough to suggest a UX change. Change the Delete Field tool UX to a list of fields with check boxes (yup like ArcMap) I just timed myself in setting up the tool to delete a number of fields from an intersect analysis result. Arc Map 19 seconds from clicking the tool to complete task. ArcPro 2 min 1 second for the same task.


Arc Pro also took a lot of additional concentration because a number of the fields had similar names and none of them were "human readable" (Thanks TIGER!) The UX design has a human operator over head of 637% on this one task! Add to it the need to refocus concentration of the larger analysis for which this is a small part and the overhead becomes much larger. Please help me work, don't give me things that take me off track.


Comparison of time to use delete field in Arc Pro 2.5 and Arc Map 10.7 Same File.


Above is a comparison of the UX and the amount of time it took me to navigate the UX to complete the  exact same task on the exact same data. 


A list of check boxes is incredibly more efficient  than a series of drop downs.


Delete Multiple Fields in a Table - ArcGIS Pro frustration‌   Still a problem after 3 years.


Does using the Add Many feature help?


John Tangenberg‌ I wanted to circle back on this question.  Does using the Add Many checkbox UI provide a similar experience to toggling multiple checkboxes in ArcMap?


So I'm in the process of creating a model in Model Builder and are using the Delete Fields tool. Currently, I need to select each field I want to delete one at a time by selecting from a drop down list and scrolling through all the available fields (and non-available fields - would be good if these were hidden too). 

It would be much more efficient if instead of having to select fields from a drop down list, one-by-one, all the fields were listed with blank check boxes, so I could rapidly check the ones I want to delete and hit OK (unavailable/system fields greyed out).




It exists already in Pro 2.8. 

Are you saying that dropdown  beside the Drop Field doesn't keep the checkbox open when you make a selection?



Nope - I don't see that layout at all. (Yes - running 2.8)




If that is through modelbuilder, it could be a modelbuilder thing.

I used a geodatabase table in my example... I noticed that yours is a *.csv.  See if the behaviour exists with it converted to a gdb table


Yep - still coming up with a table in a GDB. And that is straight through Pro (not in Model Builder). 




Strange... so clicking on the dropdown arrow (right beside Drop Field) in your case doesn't give you a list of fields?

Sounds like a "bug" or install issue, since it certainly works for my data and setup


It does give me al ist of fields, but when I select one, another blank line appears and I have to drop the list down again and pick the next field, and then again and again and again... No check boxes appear as in your picture (which is what I want). 




@LindsayRaabe_FPCWA I merged your recent idea with this existing idea about the same topic - the first comment on this one was a question about using the Add Many functionality next to Drop Field as Dan has indicated on your new thread.  


That gives you a checkbox experience: