Change Domain in ArcGIS Online via ArcGIS Pro

01-10-2017 05:30 PM
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Change Domain in ArcGIS Online via ArcGIS Pro.  Currently, I can manipulate fields in AGOL with Pro, I want to be able to update domains, and their attributes in Pro for AGOL services.


We just released an add-in for ArcGIS Pro that allows you to browse a catalog of ArcGIS Solutions and deploy them to an ArcGIS Online organization. In addition, the add-in provides tools to configure the feature layers after they have been deployed and one of the tools we provided can be used to modify domains of hosted feature services. To learn more about the add-in see ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool | ArcGIS Solutions


The Solutions Deployment tool works great to create new domain values in an AGOL-hosted feature service. One *MAJOR* thing it is lacking: there is no way to sort the AGOL-hosted domain values, so new entries always show up at the bottom of the list.


Although you can't sort you can right click a row and move it up or down in the list to reorder the domains. There was a bug in Pro at 1.3 and 1.4 with that parameter where order wasn't observed but at Pro 2.0 this will now work.



Just wondering what exact solution allows you to do this?

Appears to be a heap of different categories and tools etc.




It is in the downloadable Solutions Deployment Tool add-in for Pro. After you install the add-in appropriate for your version of Pro, it becomes a new button called "ArcGIS Solutions" under the Share menu. Once you click the button, "Configure an ArcGIS Solution" lets you change domain values. Hopefully some day this functionality will be built-in to Pro (and/or AGOL) directly.

ArcGIS Solutions Deployment


Thanks, this works brilliantly!!

by Anonymous User

Quick question about this and a workflow that I was attempting to test out. I have a short survey that I created through Survey123 Connect and published to our ArcGIS Online organization. I have some external selects enabled within the survey for a select_one question that then allows me to use the pulldata() function to populate other questions based on the answer to the select_one question.

I read that you have added support for Survey123 within the webpage back in June of 2017, so my thought process was to try to use the Solutions Deployment to update the domains or choices as they are known within Survey123. The issue is after updating the domains via solutions deployment will cause Survey123 Connect to think the survey has been altered and does not match the originally published survey. This invokes the dreaded If you publish this survey, then all of your previously collected data will be lost.

I think I know what is happening, but I was wondering if you shed some light on this bfausel ?


Unfortunately I don't have experience using the Solutions Deployment Tool to update drop-down lists in Survey123. I could be wrong, but I don't believe the drop-downs in Survey123 are actual domains. I would think you will have to go to to update the survey form.


I published an idea similar to this which is a little more expansive last week. Pro Tool to Update Hosted Services


I am using the Configure an ArcGIS Solution, Modify Domains tool to modify what would be a domain table (PlantScientific) that is the source of domains for two attribute fields.  When I update the domains for the first field, SciNames1, using the modify domains solution, and then run the tool, the domains are updated.  Since the update was made to the domain 'table' PlantScientific those updates should carryover to the 2nd attribute field (SciNames2) using the same PlantScientific domain 'table', but those domain updates do not carryover. What is happening on the backend since we aren't working with traditional tables?

Seems like this process of updating 300+ domain values will take far more time than updating a geodatabase's domain tables in ArcCatalog.  Any suggestions for using Pro or the ArcGIS Solution tool to update 300+ domain values that are used in two attribute fields, SciNames1 and SciNames2?  Otherwise, I'll have to pull this down as a geodatabase and complete in ArcCatalog back in ArcGIS desktop, and push back up to AGOL.