Batch Process: Split Lines to Equal Incremental Pieces via Specified Distance

05-05-2015 09:05 AM
Status: Closed
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Sometimes there is a simple need to break large quantities of linework down to incremental linear features - e.g., lines may be varying lengths but I want to split them all down to 0.1 mile increments (whatever is left over at the end is also retained). This would also mean that all split features would assume the same attribution of the original linework.

Since I refuse to do this individually (e.g., Start Editing Session > Select a single line > Editor Menu > Split > enter 0.1 Miles), I downloaded the XToolsPro trial and used their Split Polyline tool. It took 3 seconds to process -- faster than I could've created the iterative model that I was thinking of building!

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Use the Generate Points Along Lines tool to create point features at a desired increment along your lines. Then use these points along with the lines as input to the Split Line At Point tool.