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Split Line at Multiple Points

08-04-2020 07:27 AM
Status: Open
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Similar to the Split Line at Point tool, except the user wouldn't need to specify a Search Radius in order to divide the line by more than one intersecting point. This would eliminate the user having to make up an arbitrary radius that may inadvertently capture some unwanted points or create microscopic spatial errors in the output dataset.


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Thank you for submitting this idea Kathryn Wesson‌.  From your description, it sounds like in your use case the points that you're using to split the line are already intersecting the line.  Is that correct?

When you say you're using an arbitrary radius, can you provide an example?  I'm just wondering if you were to use the default XY Resolution (depending on your data's spatial reference), if it would avoid the problems you describe (capturing unwanted points and/or creating spatial errors).


Yes, that's correct. The points are already intersecting the lines.

I didn't think about that, but I agree the default XY Resolution would accomplish the goal. I've been using an arbitrary radius (I usually pick a small number randomly, like half an inch, or will calculate the smallest distance between two of my points and then choose a radius less than that) but I really wish I didn't have to do that. Using the XY Resolution still requires the user to go through an extra hoop to find that value, which I had also hoped to avoid. The reason being that I'm creating a model which integrates the Split Line At Point tool, for some less GIS-saavy coworkers, so the less work they need to do, the better!

Thanks for your advice!