Auto-Refresh Folders/DB Connections in Pro

04-12-2019 05:53 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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by Anonymous User
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Pro needs to be able to automatically refresh/update folders and geodatabase connections. I literally have to click the refresh every folder, subfolder, file geodatabase, sde connection, etc. to get things to show up. This is a waste of time and an annoyance to have to do this every, single, time.

Update: I did a little testing on this and it almost seems like Pro cache's what is inside every folder connection/db when it's installed or first used but then you have to manually refresh it every time. When I go into any number of folder connections, the files and folders that show in Pro are from months ago, when I first installed Pro on this machine. I hit refresh and all my current stuff shows up. Why is Pro caching or only seeing what was first there? Is there a way to clear that out in the settings somewhere?


I would even be an improvement if Esri could simply implement the F5 refresh for the Catalog pane as it has for the Map View pane.


Additionally it would be good to right-click a folder in the Add Data dialog to refresh a folder instead of closing dialog, then going to catalog to refresh.  Does enabling the indexing help with the data refresh issue?  I turn off index to avoid lockups.


The inability to do a refresh with Add Data is absurd. This is a very basic need.


Add Data does have refresh:



Status changed to: Under Consideration

Agreed. This is frustrating and annoying. It also shakes my confidence and interrupts my flow. "I could have sworn I put that file in there... Oh I did, Pro just didn't see it."  

by Anonymous User

This link clearly states when you have to manually refresh the Catalog Pane: 


My idea is to have the software Automatically refresh the Catalog Pane. Is this possible? It sure would be nice.

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@Anonymous User can you please look at ? Is this the same request?

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Yes, apparently it is. Can I give it 100 kudos? My 1 doesn't seem to be moving it along. 🙂 


Agreed!! Yes the "Add Data" has a refresh button, but this should not be a manual step the user would have to take. No other application behaves like this.