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09-21-2018 12:42 PM
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One of the best enhancements of ArcGIS was the Save A Copy of the map document.  This is not the same as "Save As", Save A Copy creates a back up copy with the correct paths pointing to the data.  "Save As" creates a copy, but then the copy becomes the working document.  Pro does not have this functionality which means making working back up copies of the Pro Projects is difficult. There is no need to make a copy of the Project GDB, just point the paths in the Project copy to that folder.

Screenshot of 10.6 File menu:

10.6 Save A Copy


It looks like the basic difference is that ArcMap's Save A Copy saved a copy of the document but didn't switch it to the working copy.  

Can you copy the aprx and paste (same folder/different folder)?  This can be done while the project is still open.

Typically the workflow our analysts follow is to make a copy in sub-folder named "backups", with 10.x the paths are saved correctly since we use "save relative paths". Using windows explorer won't do that, saving a copy from the ArcGIS application requires a minimal number of steps.

What is the argument that lead to removing 10.x functionality? Why is it that I have to justify the behavior of Esri software to match existing Esri software?

Kory Kramer‌ Any comment?

Hi Emmor,

I tagged this as an ArcMap equivalency issue when you submitted it so is on the list of equivalency issues that I provide to development teams.  

Thank you.

Thanks Kory