ArcGIS Pro installation and license dialogs shouldn't pop up above virtual desktop

02-23-2023 03:01 PM
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An idea about ArcGIS Pro dialogs:

On my home computer, I'm currently upgrading ArcGIS Pro 3.0.4 —to— 3.1.

In the meantime, I'm using my work computer in a virtual desktop (VMWare Horizon). The virtual desktop is open "on top of" my home computer; it is obscuring everything on my home computer (full screen).


99% of the time, activity on my home computer remains hidden beneath the virtual desktop when in use. But ArcGIS Pro popups seem to be the exception. Installation dialogs pop up above my virtual desktop, interrupting my virtual desktop work (not in a good way).

Additionally, licensing-related dialogs seem to behave the same way. A couple of weeks ago, there was some sort of glitch where ArcGIS Pro Personal Use on my home computer wasn't able to find my Personal Use license (not expired). It said something like  “ArcGIS Pro is being closed since there aren’t any licenses available.” (paraphrased from memory)

That dialog (blue box in the top-right corner of screen) was confusing at first. I thought there was a problem with the ArcGIS Pro license on my work computer, which was concerning. There wasn't a way to know that it  actually came from my home computer.


As mentioned, it can be very confusing when dialogs from my home computer pop up above my virtual desktop, appearing as though the popups came from my work computer.

Is there something that Esri can change in ArcGIS Pro to avoid that issue from happening? Or is it solely a Windows or virtual desktop thing? I ask because I haven't noticed that issue with any other software on my home computer. If a program has a popup dialog, it usually remains hidden behind my virtual desktop.


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