Do Not Activate ArcGIS Pro Window While Loading if User has Switched Applications

05-04-2021 03:36 PM
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Well, I'm not versed in the proper terminology for this, but I hate it when I open ArcGIS Pro and start it loading up and then I switch to another app to do work in the mean time.  Routinely, it will reactivate ArcGIS Pro, what seems like multiple times.  If I switch from ArcGIS Pro to another app while it is loading, it should keep loading in the background and not reactivate itself. 


Still having this problem at version 3.1.2. It steals it after I open the program and it steals it after it opens a project. I'l like it to just wait or flash.
1. Yes it is on a physical desktop computer
2. 2 monitors. It shifts from either monitor
3. Doesn't matter if maximized or small size
4. Doesn't matter which monitor
5. Add-Ins: I have Identify Window, ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Window,, and Crime Analysis add-ins. It says none can be loaded, they are pointing at versions 2.0 or 2.2. (I deleted these and same problem)



This is one of those annoying ArcGIS Pro behaviors we experience on our GIS team it would be nice to get this resolved. I check the registry settings suggested and my settings are good there (not set to 0).  We are are all on Window 10 Pro (22H2) PCs and Laptops. Here are my findings:

  • Are you using Pro on a physical machine, a VM, or either a physical/VM through RDP?
    • Physical machine, both a laptop and a desktop PC with ArcGIS Pro installed, the desktop sometimes accessed via RDP but not always.
  • What version of Pro are you using & encountering this problem with?
    • Currently using version 2.9.5 but recall experiencing this on all previous versions.
  • Is this machine being used in a multi-monitor setup? If so:
    • Desktop – 2+ monitors
    • Laptop – laptop screen and second monitor but can replicate issue this using just the laptop without a second monitor.
    • Yes - Pro steals focus whether I am working in the main monitor where it is opening or if I am working in a secondary monitor, (i.e. steals focus from the application in my main monitor even if focus on an application in the secondary).
    • Both
    • How many monitors?
    • Does focus shift when Pro opens on your Main monitor (it should open there by default) and you're working within an application on a secondary/tertiary monitor;
    • when Pro opens on your Main monitor and you're working within an application also on the Main monitor; or both?
  • Does this issue only occur while Pro is launching in Full Screen mode, in Windowed mode, or both modes?
    • Seems to happen in full screen mode and windowed mode, but occasionally in windowed mode the task bar icon will just flash like it should and it does not steal focus. This is intermittent and I can’t find a pattern to this behavior.
  • Does this issue only occur while you're launching Pro standalone (i.e. searching for ArcGIS Pro in Start & launching it/double-clicking on the 'ArcGIS Pro' shortcut on your Desktop or Task Bar), when you're launching Pro via Opening a Project/aprx file, or both?
    • Every way I launch it steals focus. Occurs when switching projects from the start screen, launching from the Start Menu, or when opening the .aprx file from Windows Explorer. 
  • Do you have any custom configurations or admin settings that load while ArcGIS Pro is launching? If so, do any of these configurations modify the Home page that displays after Pro launches?
    • No custom configurations or admin settings
  • Do you have any custom Add-Ins installed?
    • No custom Add-ins installed
  • Are there any observations you've made that don't fall into any of the questions above? If so, please include them. 
    • Focus stealing happened as Pro starts to open initially then if focus shifts to another application Pro steals focus again a second time when the project is fully opened up.
    • The focus stealing is somewhat intermittent but happens most of the time, perhaps less often if I last opened in window mode.
    • When using dual monitors, it doesn’t seem to matter which start menu I choose (on either monitor – my display settings are set to extend the displays).