ArcGIS Pro functions for map services

04-22-2020 01:30 AM
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I believe that ArcGIS Pro should also include features for managing map services such as:

  • stopping map service
  • starting map service
  • restart map service
  • delete map service

I talked to ESRI about these pre quarantine and asked for them to mark this down as an enhancement request. They said I needed a work case where using the ArcGIS Server Administrator wouldn't work.  In the end I don't think I was successful in getting the enhancement through  


In ArcGIS Desktop, we could connect to a GIS Server and Start/Stop/Restart services. I would like this functionality to exist in ArcGIS Pro as well. We have many users who are not quite ready for access to ArcGIS Server Manager but are still responsible for updating and maintaining services. Some examples:

  • In order to update services coming from SDE, they need to stop the service, then make edits to the data
  • If something isn't working right, they can start by restarting the service

We would prefer that these users do not have access to change service configurations outside of these functions, like editing # of instances and capabilities through Server Manager. Server Manager also shows some GIS Server settings that we definitely do want accessible by the everyday GIS user. 


I tried opening an enhancement request with ESRI about a year ago for those very same reasons, but they told me the functionality is there in Server Manager so enhancement request rejected 😐  I mentioned it's available in ArcCatalog to which they said Pro is not a replacement for ArcCatalog 🤔


@RandyKreuziger1 Bummer! I may try again.


I agree with this idea. Switching to arcgis enterprise web interface is a lack of time.

For example, in order to update for layer's properties, we must stop map services. Why not making possible to do so in ArcGIS Pro ?