ArcGIS Pro 2.0 Georeference

09-18-2017 08:49 AM
Status: Open
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My suggest to you is to add a button to display another view to show the side by side views when you are working on a georeference. It is almost similar to that of Contextual View and the "Link Views". But when you are working on georeference  you would have to use Explore to move it around and that becomes very difficult to do. So, when you enable the View to display side by side, you will have one in overview and the other in zoom in with the Explore to move it around. That should help to smooth it.

Here is the example   One View only 

With Two View you can see in ArcGIS Pro.


Hi progis99‌ Could you please expand in the idea's description, and maybe even include a screenshot or two to better describe what you're looking for?  The current title and description don't describe the issue in enough detail to understand what is being requested.

Thank you!


OK, I made the edits and add the screenshots....Let me know if you need more clarify and I can try my best to make more clearly.


Thank you for providing additional information.  I'm still not entirely clear about the underlying reason of why this is needed - what is the pain point, what is difficult about georeferencing now that implementing a side by side view would resolve?

Between using the Fit to Display and setting transparency on the image being georeferenced, are you not able to orient and add the control points?  

Thank you!