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05-08-2017 01:46 AM
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**This idea is being submitted on behalf of an Esri Ireland customer**

It would be great if there were an equivalent to MXD Doctor for ArcGIS Pro projects. As ArcGIS Pro projects can contain multiple maps and layouts, they can become quite complex in comparison to MXD Documents. Therefore, if an APRX becomes corrupted, you are likely to lose more work. An option to repair these would be very useful.

'Recovery Mode' like in Microsoft Office could also provide an alternative.


Michael Kelly‌ and others who are following this thread.  We were discussing this idea again yesterday and wondering if it is being requested because you actually have experienced .aprx files becoming corrupt, or if it is being requested simply because there used to be an MXD doctor and you're looking for some sort of equivalent tool for Pro project files.

If you have examples of corrupt .aprx files, please send them to me (kkramer@esri.com) along with a backstory.



An APRX Doctor/manager would be great allowing you to change/fix paths and such without opening a project.


I wouldn't limit this to just "corruption". One of the more common uses of the ArcMap MXD doctor is to reduce the size of the MXD (in conjuction with the defrag tool). APRX files, just like MXD files, grow bloated with use and volume of objects. 


I have had one corrupt recently and I also would be interested in reducing bloated files. 


Thanks, Ken.  I got the aprx and took a quick look.  When I extract it I get an error that the lot_iron\landsurfaceforms2.xml has a Headers Error

That doesn't necessarily mean anything to me, but given that info, are you able to determine anything odd that may have happened with processing land surface data/layers in the project?

I've asked for some help from our development team to take a look to see if they can determine what's going on with the project you sent us.  Thank you for doing that as studying these cases may help prevent future issues. I will follow up by email when I hear back from development.

Thanks again.


Kory Kramer‌ I came across this because Pro keeps crashing 10-15 times the last 2 days. So, seems like we are SOL unless there is some sort of "project doctor" or inspector to review the project and see why it keeps crashing. Each time, it prompts me to send an error report to esri, which I do, and it "sends a large file"...but those just go in to a black hole?


Hi Cole,

I'm sorry that you're experiencing crashes.  Error reports do not go into a black hole - here is more information about what happens when you submit an error report: Report software errors—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 


And a blog that we just posted this morning: ArcGIS Desktop Error Reporter Learns Its Manners 

Now, for your .dmp files from Pro. Can you go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\ESRI\ErrorReports and send me the most recent .dmp files?  You can ensure that they're from Pro and confirm the date and time from the filename.

Send to kkramer@esri.com



There are things within the Project file that apparently can become unsettled and cause issues, and these aren't always things the user controls. I'm experiencing this issue right now:

I have a project for editing utility data, and I've been working on water lines since Jan 2020. Everything has been working fine, and I have used the Map Topology extensively for things like moving water valves and fire hydrants and having the line features automatically alter to stay connected - or moving a water line segment and having the valves move with it. HOWEVER, the project has started acting strangely. Starting last week, if I do any operation (such as move or rotate) that would require the Map Topology to change connected features, I get an error " Move Failed. This data is currently locked by another user can cannot be saved". If I turn off the Map Topology, then I can edit anything I want with no errors. Of course then I have to manually repair any connectivity.

There are no user defined parameters for Map Topology - this is just automatically set up by the project. So perhaps an APRX Doctor type program could check these things that are automatically set up and repair if needed.

Also, I'm the only one here so there can't be another user locking the data.


So my next thing to try was to create a new, empty map in the same project and copy / paste all of the layers over to it and see what happens. It edits fine in the new map - Map Topology works and everything. I switched immediately back to the original map in this project - NO GO - SAME 'LOCKED' ERROR. Back to the new map, edits just fine.

This tells me that the original map I had set up for editing has become corrupted with respect to the map topology and there's no way I can fix it. I now get to re-write all the Tasks for that map using the new map and I'll delete the corrupted map. I've wasted a day on this ... so far ... with more time to come.

If there were such a program as an APRX Doctor, put "rebuild / reset the map topology" on the list of things it should do.

This is one of those quirky things that you can never replicate and the cause may never be known. But I guarantee it has happened and is a PITA.


Hi everyone.

I'm following this topic because I had Pro 2.9.0 crash now, when was sharing a layout to PDF.

Every time I proced this, the crash happening.

When I try to send report, its doesn't work too, as picture.

Any hint about this?

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