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05-08-2017 01:46 AM
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**This idea is being submitted on behalf of an Esri Ireland customer**

It would be great if there were an equivalent to MXD Doctor for ArcGIS Pro projects. As ArcGIS Pro projects can contain multiple maps and layouts, they can become quite complex in comparison to MXD Documents. Therefore, if an APRX becomes corrupted, you are likely to lose more work. An option to repair these would be very useful.

'Recovery Mode' like in Microsoft Office could also provide an alternative.


Hi everyone!
I solved the problem as follows.
I created a new map and copied my layers to it; So I created a new layout, just like the previous one.
So I managed to share the layout to PDF without error.
There was the displeasure of not being able to understand what happened. Therefore, I reiterate the need for an alternative such as "MXD Doctor" for the Pro, which allows for a diagnosis and possible correction.



I agree we need an APRX doctor, and not just for corruption. If ARC things are misbehaving, part of my debug process sometimes includes running the MDX Doctor on the file experiencing issues. If that solves the problem, I'm good. If that doesn't solve the problem I know I have more work to do.  Without some way to eliminate file corruption as the problem, I have a harder time focusing on the true problem.


@KoryKramerany chance this will be on a roadmap soon, this has been open with perhaps a substantial number of kudos for a few years now.  Thanks!


@MichaelKelly @KoryKramer 

Any news on this being implemented?


We recently experienced a power outage and now we can't open my coworker's project. It gives the "Failed to open Project ...This project was saved using a newer version of ArcGIS Pro : ." but I am running the latest version 3.0.3.  We've opened a ticket, but an ARPX Doctor would be nice for this situation.