Allow ArcGIS Pro to create/view simple text files

10-21-2019 03:36 AM
Status: Open
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Often information about your data, processing steps, sources and just other general stuff is stored in a simple unstructured text file, the sort you would open in Notepad.

In ArcPro you neither create such a text file or open it from the Catalog Pane. Below is a screen shot from a project and in a particular folder is a text file which happened to have some text describing some statistics. Other than just see it's presences in the folder I can't actually open it. I need to go to NotePad or Windows Explorer to view it.

I would like to see ArcPro offer more connectivity with other file formats, in this case a simple unstructured text file (I'm not talking about structured text files such as csv/tab delimited text files). I would like to be able to right click on a folder, create a text file then be able to edit it or simply open it in the Windows default text file editor such as notepad++. I'm not expecting ArcPro to ingest it into some project specific format, simply offer the ability to open it in the Windows default text file editor .


Duncan Hornby‌ I think that functionally, the new idea here is a duplicate of  We already have that tagged with arcgis pro as the concept is still valid for a Pro project.  If you agree, let me know and we'll mark this as a duplicate, and you can add your notes/use case etc to that one.



Having read that idea (and I had also voted on it, ) I feel its very similar in what it wants to achieve, i.e. be able to write notes down, instructions, advice etc. But as I read it it is asking to have the notepad facility "in house" as part of the project? I've seen this approach in other software like Minitab, it has a report section, which you can copy and past results in, document etc, but importantly it is part of the minitab project file, not a separate document.

I'm asking for ArcPro to be able to open a text file or create one. A work around is for a developer to create an AddIn button but I think this should be core ArcGIS Pro functionality and not some 3rd party development.


Hi Duncan,

Since the time you posted this, I think that the pop-up file path functionality was implemented.

You can click the Path from the .txt file's pop-up and it will open the Window's folder where the file is stored, then open it from there.


I understand this still isn't quite the same as double-clicking the text file to open it, but wanted to make sure you were aware of the current functionality. Thanks.