Notepad in ArcMap

Idea created by agrc on Jul 16, 2013

    Add a Notepad under the Windows menu in ArcMap to record notes in or about the current project. It could be used to remind youself where you left off last time you were working on a project, what you have done in the project, what you need to do, how you did something or instructions for someone you are passing a project off to.
    After a long weekend or vacation it is hard to remember where I left off so I currently add a text note from the Drawing toolbar in my Data view. Some examples of things I would record on the Notepad are:

    * complex queries strings
    * complex calcualtions strings
    * complex definition queries
    * notes about what you have done to a layer in a project
    * notes about where you left off editing data in a project
    * notes about what needs to be done to a layer or in the project
    * instructions for someone to do in a project
    * a python problem or workaround to figure out for a new tool you are creating