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Add WMTS (Webp format tile) support for ArcGIS Pro

07-06-2023 07:30 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Webp is widely used as image format and currently we see a trend of using Webp tiles in the WMTS services.

To my understanding we can add WMTS service that use Webp tiles in the Map Viewer but unable to load it in ArcGIS Pro. Is there a plan to add this to the ArcGIS Pro roadmap?

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For reference, we also have an enhancement request for this specific functionality which is in review internally at present. This is recorded as ENH-000159377.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Good to know!


Out of curiosity:

I noticed that I can open a .pitemx file in Pro that points to a WMTS service:  >  Open in ArcGIS Desktop > Open in ArcGIS Pro

I can open the file by double-clicking it in File Explorer, but not any other method in Pro: Open .pitemx file in ArcGIS Pro using File Explorer drag-and-drop, Open Project dialog, and Catalog ...

This isn't my area of expertise. Do you figure my WMTS .pitemx file isn't the "Webp" format that you mentioned? Is that why my WMTS .pitemx file can be opened in Pro, but your layer can't be opened in Pro? I'm unfamiliar with WMTS and Webp.



Some of the Ontario docs have a typo. They say the .pitemx layer is WMS, but it is actually WMTS. Confirmed with Ontario Public Service staff by email:


For future reference, here is @xingchenc's related question: WMTS (Webp format) support in ArcGIS Pro?


Hi @Bud ,

Yes, the service you mentioned above is not a webp service, this can be confirmed by the following steps:

On the item page, in the lower right section, there is a button you can click that allow you to open the WMTS service capacity page.


Search for keyword like "png" or "format". As you can see in the screenshot below, this WMTS service can only provide tile image in png or jpg format, not webp format.


Hope this helps!


@xingchenc Thanks!