Accessing Layout Metadata via Dynamic Text

02-05-2020 03:23 AM
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by Anonymous User
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Better or more ability to access Layout Metadata for ArcGIS Pro via dynamic text to allow this to populate map/document marginalia from layout metadata.

Now some of this has been partially discussed in other ideas

If this feature exists already can the help documentation be updated to reflect it.

More generally being able to access arbitrary metadata via dynamic text would be ideal.

The use case is this

We need to conform to BIM Standards for drawing controls following BS1192:2007 + A2:2016 for docments and maps we produce in our organisation

Which is


It may look something like this


StatusCode takes values below and corresponds to purpose of the drawing or document.

S0 ==> Work in Progress

S1 ==> Suitable of Co-ordination


S7 ==>Issue for AIM authorization

D1 ==> Issue for Costing


CR ==> As Constructed Record

Revision Number




As it stands the portion of


Will correspond to the layout title which we can access via dynamic text

Document Number : <dyn type="project" property="name"/>

Drawing/Map Name : <dyn type="layout" property="metadata" attribute="title"/>

example: ABC1234-ABC-00-XX-RP-Z-AG-0011-01

Now it strikes me from the layout metadata the obvious fields to want to access are Citation metadata.

Series seems like a good match for StatusCode

Edition seems like a good match for RevisionNumber

You can Access the Series name via

<dyn type="layout" property="metadata" attribute="series"/>

But this was undocumented behavior found by trial and error

but you cannot access the edition AFAIK via a similar method. Likewise being able to access the specific dates particularly the edition date would allow much of the map marginalia to be accessed from metadata.

More generally being able to access arbitrary metadata via dynamic text would be ideal.

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by Anonymous User

It seems you can expose the clue as to how to solve this via

MetadataInfo: <dyn type="layout" property="metadata" value="edition"/>

which will expose all the undocumented tags you need

This allows the Edition information to be exposed as dynamic text via

Edition: <dyn type="layout" property="metadata" attribute="resEd"/>