Using ArcGIS Pro to put the Esri World Imagery Basemap in a Mobile Map

06-29-2018 05:00 PM
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This blog post shows how to create a Map Tile Package from a Image Service and include it in a Mobile Map Package for offline use.  But what about the Esri World Imagery Basemap?  Well, ArcGIS Pro 2.2 and later provides a convenient way to clip out a portion of the Esri World Imagery basemap for Inclusion in a Mobile map.

Start ArcGIS Pro and Open a Project.

On the Insert Tab click the New Map button.

On the Map tab click the Basemap Gallery button and choose the Imagery basemap.

Zoom to the extent of the imagery that you want to include in your Mobile Map.


On the Map tab click the Download Map button.   Check include basemap & tile layers and click the Download button.

The Map Tile Package layer will be added to the map when the export completes. (remove the space in the layer name.. see notes below)


A few things of interest:

It is best to set the desired max scale

For the Extent Pictured the default scale was 1:142.  This created a Map Tile Package file (.tpk) that is 845 mb in size.

Choosing a scale of 1:565 creates a .tpk that is 84 mb in size.


So, consider the scale that your map users need if file size is a concern.


Some extra notes about using Map Tile packages in Mobile Map packages.

Do not use spaces in the name of the Tile Package layer in the Contents pane.  It is OK to rename the layer, but do not use spaces in the name. Tile Package are not written into the package correctly when spaces are used in the name, this issue will be addressed at a future release.


Make sure the coordinate system of the Map Tile Package (.tpk) matches the coordinate system of the Map. Custom applications built with the runtime and Esri Apps like Explorer for ArcGIS will not display Tile Package layers if the coordinate system is not the same as the map.


ArcGIS Pro allows you to apply symbology to Tile Package layers.  Symbology parameters are not supported by the Esri Runtime. You will just see the TPK as it was originally created in the runtime applications.  You can think of the symbology settings in ArcGIS Pro as over-rides for the symbology defined in the TPK.


If you create a Basemap that has a Map Tile Package layer and / or Vector Tile Package layers , do not include a Feature Class (point, poly or line features) in the basemap.  When a feature class layer is present in the basemap with a tile package layer the Mobile Map package is not written correctly, and some of the basemap layers will not display in runtime applications.  This issue will be addressed at a future release.


I just mentioned Vector Tile Package.  We are often asked how to get Esri Vector Tile Basemaps into a mobile map package, that capability will be possible in ArcGIS Pro 2.3 (it didn't make it in) its in ArcGIS Pro 2.4.  If you have a vector tile package you can add it to the map like any other layer and create a mobile map package. As described in 


Until next time.


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Hi Mark

Thanks so much for this guide, I found it really helpful! Unfortunately I still can't get the map tile package to appear in my map within the Navigator app. It is there in ArcGIS Pro, and appears in the thumbnail once the .mmpk has been published to ArcGIS Online, but does not show on the mobile device.

I have tried packaging with and without my points layer and get the same result.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,


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The released version of Navigator does not have support for tile package (.TPK or .TPKX) layers. The layer is ignored.

The next version of Navigator will support Tile Package layers.   The next version of Navigator is in Beta now and nearing final release.


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Great, thanks Mark.

Is there anyway we can add a background image that is compatible with Navigator currently?

Either imagery or topo map or street map for example.

Kind regards


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Imagery / Raster data is not supported in the 18.x release of Navigator.

The beta versions support .TPK files if you would like to give it a try 


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Hi Mark,

thanks for your guides. I wanted to combine steps from "Use ArcGIS Pro to make an offline map" and "Using ArcGIS Pro to put the Esri World Imagery Basemap in a Mobile Map" to create MMPK with TPK for using in Explorer. I've created MMPK with VTPK successfully in ArcGIS Pro 2.4.2. and also I've created TPK file. Unfortunatelly I am not able to add TPK in the map with FeatureClasses in ArcGIS Pro. Could you please give me an advice how to proceed?



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The New Navigator is released.   It supports .TPK files.


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It can work.

Make sure the coordinate system of your TPK and the Map are the same.  If the Map Coordinate System (spatial reference) is different from the TPK, the TPK will not display.

Also, If using a basemap, there are complications (bugs) with regard to having TPKs and Feature Class layers in the basemap.   If possible do not put feature class layers in your ArcGIS Pro basemap.

Or you can just use the TPK as an Operational Layer.

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Brilliant! Thanks Mark

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