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Create Seeds not working

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05-17-2021 08:35 AM
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I'm trying to follow this workflow to generate my parcels:

This is a screenshot of my parcel lines:


I click on Create Seeds and nothing happens. Please note that the traverse window notes no misclose. The lines are assigned to the record. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong and I'm concerned for when I have to start entering new multi-lot subdivisions, because this is an extremely simple edit and the workflow as outlined isn't working. In the old parcel fabric this was a very quick edit - enter the lines for the subdivision and use construct from parent to generate the lots and tax parcels. What happened to that tool and workflow?  What am I doing wrong here?


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@JeffWard & @jcarlson Thank you for helping and sharing your experience!

Would it make sense if we schedule meetups in which the prime goal is to see workflows, challenges and have the community brainstorm / share their experience? Of course - people will have to feel comfortable sharing their screens. Just an idea. Thoughts?!


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Sure! I'd be happy to share our workflow, and curious to see how others do their work.

- Josh Carlson
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I would be game for that. That's been my biggest issue so far - just figuring out how to adapt my old workflows.