Converting to Pro Parcel Fabric

09-01-2021 01:12 PM
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We are starting the planning phase of converting our ArcMap Parcel Fabric over to the Pro Parcel Fabric.  Does anyone know if ESRI has a "things to do/consider checklist" or one that they created that they utilized to help guide all the small details?  I'm thinking along the lines of tasks like adding RecordTypes to the domain, clean up tasks prior to conversion, choosing which feature classes will exist, choosing which feature classes will be administrative boundaries etc   


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There are a lot of great videos on the ESRI Training website! I would suggest starting here: Parcel Fabric: Migrating and Administrating Parcels with ArcGIS Pro | Esri Training Video

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Hi Diane


We have a recording that we presented at our parcel fabric meetups that covers data migration to a Pro parcel fabric in the kind of detail you are looking for - included are tips and tricks etc

Also make sure to read through the migration workflow steps in the documentation