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When creating a Group, the option to allow group members to make edits is missing

09-06-2023 06:04 AM
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I am creating a group on my organization's internal geoportal. The group will have access to a site application I've been creating. I want group members to be able to edit and update the site application. My understanding is this setting can only be enabled when creating a group, not after the group is already created. Online ESRI instructions say there should be the option: "What items in the group can its members update?", with the possibility to select "All items". However, this option is missing when I create a group. Screenshot of what I see is below. The online instructions includes everything in the screenshot. The only thing missing is the member updating option. Is this option restricted by my organization? Or has the location of this option changed? Thank you for any help. 



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 It is very possible that it is a permissions issue! I would reach out to your ArcGIS admin - the option to enable Shared Updates/editing typically appears at the bottom of the window:


ArcGIS Online permissions don't separate out delete/update/edit for the most part, so I suspect you just don't have the permission enable for your role to create groups with shared editing.

I hope that helps!

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