Usage Metrics for Dashboard; Differing Across Products

10-12-2022 02:21 PM
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Currently I am trying to put together a basic report on our ArcGIS Online dashboard traffic. I have done this before- just by simply pulling the count per day from the Usage tab on the item page. 

This dashboard is embedded within an ArcGIS Experience. The usage between the two is wildly different (the Experience usage numbers are much lower than the dashboard itself). The link shared to our partners and hosted on our website is to the Experience. I would have expected it to be the reverse, or at least, very similar in usage count. The differing usage data raises some questions on my end on how these usage numbers are captured by Esri. 

Also, when looking at the usage data for the ArcGIS Dashboard- I can see a definite shift in the numbers I would not expect starting June 1st, 2022. The shift is so anomalous to the pervious months that it has me wondering if the method of counting/tracking usage changed during this time period. 

So- my question is; how is usage tracked on web products (like Dashboards and WebApps) that have been embedded within an Experience? And also- has there been a shift in how usage was calculated starting around June 1st, 2022? 

I have already checked refresh rates on all web products, and this should not be a significant impact to usage count.

Attached is a table showing the usage on the Dashboard over the past 12 months. 

Thank you

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