World ocean basemap vector files?

09-12-2020 10:35 AM
New Contributor

Hi Esri community, hoping for some advice. I've been using the world ocean basemap as it provides higher detail on inland water bodies than any other map in the live atlas. Before I go ahead and manually trace a few thousand rivers and duplicate work that has already been done, I was wondering if there is any resource to 1) export the vector layers of inland water bodies from this raster file for my area of interest. Alternatively is there any resource that may include detailed vector layers of inland water bodies by country. So far I have tried the World_Water_Bodies pack but this only includes very large rivers and lakes and does not include the the small ephemeral rivers (wadi's) that the Ocean basemap includes. I have attached an image focused on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula showing the scale of detail of wadi's paths in a small portion of my AOI.

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