Uploading Raster For AOL Webmap

11-16-2021 09:28 AM
New Contributor


I am having issues adding a raster to AGOL. I am trying to add a slope raster file I generated from a DEM  to an AGOL web map. Ideally I would like the slope values to show in my table of contents and legend. I have heard of work arounds such as concerting to KML then uploading, but I would like the data of my raster to show in the TOC. I have gotten projection errors when trying to upload as well, does the raster file have to be in web mercator to display on the map? 

I am also creating some other raster layers based off of a suitability analysis and my final map will be a heat map of sorts showing suitable areas to built infrastructure so using rasters is important for visualization. 





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