Updating Hosted Feature Service with Integromat

08-07-2019 04:23 PM
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Hi Everyone,

With Integromat I am trying to update a feature service (A), which is shared with my organization, with attributes of survey 123 feature service (B). I have a flow in Integromat, which is watching the survey, and when the survey is submitted or edited, it updates A with B's attributes.

This is  HTTP Request module (POST)                                       

      This is my error:

There are couple of things that can cause the error:

1) I cannot match the services with Object ID, so I try to do it with "Site_Address" field, cause originally the forms for the Survey (B) are created from feature service (A) in Collector (by URL), and this field is pulled to the survey, so they 100% match. I think it's not working like this for http requests, I am not sure. Can I only edit the feature service with the same object ID, or I can use another field as unique identifier (in my case - "Site_Address"?

2) As soon as survey 123 form and destination layer are shared with the same group in organization, I thought it would be fine to use token from survey 123 to update feature service (A), but I am not sure.

3) Wrong syntax?

Could you please help me to figure this out?

Thank you!

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Hi Yulia, did you ever get this figured out? Regardless, I am curious what modules in Integromat you used to try to achieve this? 

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