Translating WAB apps and other AGOL apps into multiple languages

06-29-2021 03:18 PM
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I created an application a little over a year a go that helps people find COVID-19 related services. Only problem is that many members of our community cannot speak or read English. We've played around with google translate and changing the browser default language to Spanish, for example, but it doesn't actually change the language in the application (pop ups, titles, attribute values, etc.). Only the words in the browser frame.


Here's something LA County did:

We're wondering if they had to make different versions of the app that are accessed through the links for other languages, but the app id never changes. The url appends '?lang=es&field:survey_language=Spanish' past the app id, however.


We have a request to modify our WAB developed application into six different languages.


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Esri Frequent Contributor

Web App Builder and the configurable apps all support many languages out of the box. By default they will use the language of the browser. So if a user has the browser language set to French all the pre-defined app text will be in French. This is things like tooltips, widget text etc. 

They also support explicitly setting the language using the locale url parameter. There is an example here:


However your web map content like popups and any custom text you add to the app like title, description etc will not be translated. So in order to have the app text, custom text and popups localized you'd have to create different versions of the web map/app and translate that text then use the locale url param. 

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