Transferring item ownership across ArcGIS Online for Organizations

06-05-2020 06:03 AM
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Hi everybody.

I have the following problem.

A user made some items in an ArcGIS Online for Organization that has been recently retired and  deactivated. The items are still publicly visible but the user cannot login to change them.

It happens that the user has a new login in a newly created ArcGIS Online for Organization. 

Question as follows:

Would it be possible to transfer ownership from the old account (in the context of the old Aol) to the new one inside the new Aol or, alternatively, insert the old account as part of the new Aol?

I tried to create a user in the new Aol with the same old alias but it did not work as the old user is just deactivated and not deleted.



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Hi Alberto Aloe‌,

I noticed that you opened a support case and got this resolved.

In case anyone else runs into this issue, please contact Esri Support and they can help out. 



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