Online Layers Not Showing Up

06-05-2020 09:21 AM
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Does anyone have any solutions to my online layers not showing up? Each map I click on it gives me a message saying my layer(s) are unable to upload.  I have tried creating new maps with the feature layers and it still doesn't work.......They do work properly on our collector app though. Thank you!


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by Anonymous User
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Hi Dillon Kubiatowicz‌, are you still running into this issue? I did not see any issues with hosted feature layers on June 5 (ArcGIS Online Health Dashboard).

Are the layers coming from hosted feature services or ArcGIS Server services? Just a guess, but maybe they were still working in Collector because they had been taken offline? If you can post a dev tools or Fiddler capture of the issue here I would be happy to take a look. 



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