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05-24-2021 02:51 PM
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I want to create a Time Slider simply using Map Notes and show the points over time. All the instructions I can see are for using a Time Slider with data from CSV files and applying this to a map layer. 

But I just want to mark points and show more points emerging over time. 

Do I need to have a "time enabled" map or layer to do this? I am using the Ordnance Survey Ireland Base Map Eire, but it doesn't seem to have time features. Can I apply a Media app layer over this even if it isn't time enabled or does the base map have to be time enabled?

Can anyone help with this?  I would be very grateful as I am at my wits end with YouTube tutorials that do not apply to my case. I am using the most recent version of ArcGIS Online.

Thanks again! 


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