Changing outline and fill of polygon with Arcade

05-23-2021 07:03 AM
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Hi all! I have been searching Geo Net with no luck about this specific question. I have one hosted feature layer on AGO that I wish to change the outline of the polygon and the fill of the polygon separately based on two fields. 

I have an Entity field and a Status field in this layer that the user will chose via a drop down list. The Status field contains values such as "Open, Closed, etc" while the Entity field has the name of the Utility provider. I want it symbolized where the Status changes the Fill (so gray, red, etc) and then the Entity changes the outline color. 

Is there anyway to do this? 

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I ran into an issue with this some time ago and I think it is possible to symbolize with two fields if the fields are the same data type. I'd have to check on that but i think that's what the issue is. 

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