Spatial filter by feature in dashboard?

05-24-2021 11:41 AM
New Contributor III

I have a point layer I would like to filter via feature selection in dashboard. Imagine address points that do not have census tract data on it. I would like to filter them by census tract. Doing a spatial join is not the solution I want since the data is a live feed and the join would have to be performed manually and frequently (for the data I am actually using, which is a live feed). 

This type of count/intersect operation appears possible with Arcade in the web map for pop-ups, but I want it to visually effect the items in the dashboard (pie chard, serial graph, etc.).  Choosing "Spatial" instead of "Field" for filtering gives me the spatial select widget in the map frame. I would like to use a sidebar category selector to choose my census tract and then have it count up the points (using ObjectID) that fall within a tract.

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