Use arcpy in ArcGIS Notebooks Online

05-20-2021 01:06 PM
by Anonymous User
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I have a Jupyter Notebook that I am attempting to use for a scheduled task in my ArcGIS Online acocunt. I have successfully run several lines of code, but I am running into an issue using arcpy in the notebook. Specifically, I am wanting to convert an excel file into a table using arcpy.conversion.ExcelToTable with the following parameters.



Note, that I am attempting to export my output table to /arcgis/home. 

Is this the correct way to go about this?

Any help would be appreciated.


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In order to use arcpy in an ArcGIS Online notebook you need the Advanced Notebook privilege. See here under General Privileges\Premium Content: 

Arcpy in ArcGIS Online notebooks only has a very limited set of modules available. The only reference as to what is included I could find is here: 

The arcpy.conversion module doesn't appear to be available according to that list? Is it giving you an error message?

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by Anonymous User
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I am currently using the advanced notebook. There is no error given, it will just run for the maximum allowed time ~20 mins and then the kernel will stop. I assume this is because the module is not supported in online yet. 


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