The layer did not draw completely in my AGO web map

06-25-2018 01:59 PM
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Hi ESRI Technical Support. One of my hosted feature layers in my AGO account is getting a warning error when I open it in a web map, as well as causing performance issues in my web map application.

When I hover my mouse over the yellow triangle it says "The layer, 2018 Voter Education Fund Grantees, did not draw completely."  Here are some facts about my dataset:

  • It's a polygon shapefile imported from my ArcMap to my AGO account via the Service Editor.
  • It has 33 records.
  • It has a spatial index.

If you need additional information or would like to analyze my hosted feature layer, please email me at  Thank you.

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This might sound weird, but how long is your service name at the rest endpoint?   I had a service called ThickenessOfUnconsolidatedMaterialsOverSilurianBedrock that would not draw all the way up and gave me that orange triangle until I republished with the shorter name ThicknessOfMatSilurianBedrock.

Also don't know if the REP service name starts with a number like 2018 (or is even allowed to), but if it does, it might not like that either if it is touchy about naming.

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Interesting. My file's original name is "2018_VEF_Grantees_Merge." I'll do a test with a shorter name to see if that helps. Thank you.

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Is it a public service? If so, can you provide the URL? It'd be interesting to see what the network traffic looks like, considering you mentioned performance issues. Since it's a hosted feature service, there should be a few query requests. If one of those requests is taking a long time, could be a data specific problem in that area.

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Hi Jonathan. Thanks for your reply. As luck would have it, you indirectly solved my problem. When I went into my feature layer's setting to disable editing to make it public and to post the URL for you, I noticed this section:

So far, after the optimization, my web map and web mapping application have been running smoothly.

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I was having the same issue and went looking for ways to optimize the layer and found this which fixed my issue:

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