Symbolize a rest service based on information in a related table?

05-11-2021 04:33 PM
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Hello, our goal is to symbolize a rest service based on information in a "related" table -- related in the sense that it is not published as an official relationship class, but shares an attribute. In an ideal world, we could use the Dynamic join functionality available in AGO. However, it is not possible because it is required that:

  • You are the owner of both layers.
  • Both layers are hosted feature layers.
  • You are performing an attribute join.

We were using a static copy of the rest service data until now, but problems with stale data are arising. Other ideas that don't work are... use Arcade to symbolize, but the FeatureSetBy() or Filter() functions are not available when symbolizing.

Hope this makes sense. Thoughts? We do own the rest service, but are generally unable to make any changes to schema etc at this time. Even better if an Enterprise option is available. 

Thank you!

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