Fill empty records with domain value while honoring symbology

05-12-2021 06:22 AM
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I am sure this should be stupid simple, but I cant figure it out i have set up a domain with the following values and codes:

name" : "Te maaien", 
            "code" : "Maaien"
            "name" : "Gemaaid", 
            "code" : "Gemaaid"
            "name" : "Deels gemaaid", 
            "code" : "Deels gemaaid"
            "name" : "Herstellen", 
            "code" : "Herstellen"

My layer is empty for this particular field and I want to set all records on 'Te Maaien' with an Arcade expression. However, when I do this, the values aren't recognized as being part of the domain, meaning that the corresponding symbology is not applied. I have tried working with the Decode, DomainName and DomainCode function, but nothing works. please help!

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