Interactive Legend app won't honor 'Interactive' when symbology is set by Arcade expression

05-05-2021 07:49 AM
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Hi -

I have set up a symbology by an Arcade expression, but when I create the Interactive Legend app with my map (either Classic or New), the 'Interactive' part of the legend widget does not 'Interactive' when symbology is set by Arcade expression.  My guess is an expression like this:

var FutureRd = $feature["future_rd"];
var NumberLanes = $feature["num_lanes"];
var FutureLanes = $feature["fut_lanes"];
var Roads = When(FutureRd == 'NO' && NumberLanes == FutureLanes,'Complete, No Widening',
FutureRd == 'NO' && NumberLanes != FutureLanes,
'Complete, Widening Required', 'Future / Unbuilt');
return Roads;

is treated as a single value by the app even though I get a feature count of all three values returned by the When.  Any suggestions/

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Hi @DavidColey, this is currently a limitation of Interactive Legend: 



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