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05-05-2021 08:28 AM
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I have a feature class stored on site, published to a server and being consumed in an AGOL web map. The feature class is a City Guideplan, where each parcel is given a Guideplan designation. In the feature class attribute, these designations are abbreviated (think PSP for "Public/SemiPublic" or MDR for "Medium Density Residential"). In my mxd that I used to publish the service, I have set the symbology to Unique Values, with each of the abbreviations having a label that is the full name of the designation. 

Now working with the popup in my web map, I'm wondering if I can include the full-spelled out designation. In the attached image for example, can I alter the display of the attribute "Guideplan" from saying LDR (The code in the domain) to say instead "Low Density Residential"?

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Hi @ZachBodenner ,

There is no need to use Arcade in this case. Just go into the configure pop-up option of the layer, there you will find the option "configure attributes" and in the window that appears you can change the alias of the field name: 



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