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Subscription Level Required for Export Data

06-18-2024 01:09 PM
New Contributor

Can anyone tell me the minimum subscription level - from those listed here - required to export data from a hosted feature layer in AGOL?

With my Creator subscription, I have an Export Data button in the item properties Overview for the feature layer.  But with a Viewer subscription, the Export Data button is missing.

Which of the other subscription types (that are not Creator or Viewer) have the ability to export data?

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Esri Contributor

Exporting from the Item Details page is only available with a Creator user type or higher. This is because this export creates an item in my contents and only creators and higher can have their own content.

However, there are workarounds depending on what format you want to export. For example, you can create an app with Experience Builder. Using the table widget and its export data action anyone with access to the app can export data. Supported formats using this approach is CSV, JSON and GeoJSON.

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New Contributor

Hi Andreas, thank you for the quick response.  It does make sense that Creator is needed.  I guess I was just hoping it would work for one of the lower subscriptions as well.  And thank you for suggesting the workaround of creating an app.  I will have to look into that.

Thanks again,


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