Student License is not allowing me to use spatial analysis

03-15-2021 02:04 PM
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I have a student license from my Uni and am working through some of the trainings offered online - however I am being tasked to select the spatial analysis tool on ArcGIS Online, which I do not appear to have access too - though I do have the extension in my downloaded software.

I read on this link: that public accounts do not have analysis capability, but it is unclear whether or not student licenses do. I imagine if it's in the training I should have access, but I would appreciate some insights from folks on whether or not I have this capability, and, if so, how I can turn this functionality on.

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in arcmap, Customize Menus, Extensions, toggle it on.  Don't know about AGOL unless permissions haven't been set


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I looked this up, this is not about extensions. You don't have permissions to do analysis on your student account.  This is normally set up using a user role. The organization's administrator needs to assign you a role that includes the analysis capability. This burns credits so some admins don't include analysis in their default roles.

Try to contact your ArcGIS Online administrator using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page after you have logged in to your organization.

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