Still needing an ArcGIS Online sign in?

02-21-2018 01:31 PM
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Hi, Everyone, 

I made this web map with ArcGIS Online and made sure everything was public yet I am still being prompted to sign in. 

Does anyone know why this happens? would adding some layers from the Living Atlas require a sign on? The public map link is below:

ArcGIS Web Application 

Thank you for any insight you can provide!

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   That depends on the data you added from the living Atlas.

Using Living Atlas subscriber content in public maps and apps | ArcGIS Blog 

Much of the content found in the Living Atlas is available publicly, with no restrictions. Other content is not publicly available by default, and falls into two categories:

Subscriber content is the collection of layers published by Esri that requires an organizational subscription account to access. These are layers such as Landsat 8 imagery, NAIP imagery, landscape analysis layers, and historical maps. Subscriber content is provided as part of your organizational subscription and does not consume any credits.

Premium content is a type of subscriber content. It’s the collection of layers published by Esri that requires an organizational account to access, and also consumes credits. These are layers such as demographic and lifestyle layers.

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I have this problem with a web map that I think was available to all but now needs a login.  I'm aware I can tell if something is subscriber content when I add it, and now when sharing a map with everyone it usually checks, but I'm wondering if there is a way to look through the descriptions/item details on existing layers in a map and tell if they are going to require a login - especially if that status changed somewhere along the line.  Is there some distinctive language in an item description that will tell me this?  I also am concerned that changes in a map status (login needed or not) can get "stuck" when a browser is loading from its cache, and I'm unaware of that - I know I can clear the cache but that's a nuisance because I lose a lot of other stuff in the process.  Bottom line: when (after) opening a map that requires a login, is there a way to tell what layer or layers is making a login needed?  And can this also be some setting in my Organization that's causing this?  Thanks for any help.

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Hi Martin,

When you include subscriber content in your web app, you need configure the subscriber content access configuration:

Attribute—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

The layers that you need to configure for this app are the NOAA Short term warnings layer and the NDFD Snowfall layer.


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Hi Kelly,

I just recently learned about subscriber content and trying to add it to a public web app. I'm trying to figure out how many credits the 1 content layer would consume? I've been searching on the web and not getting much in terms of answers. I see I can configure how many times a day. So if I say I want to allow 100 times/day I have no idea what this translates into for credit usage. Is there a link or more info on this?

Thanks in advance for your help!,


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Hi Kathy,


Referring to Understand credits—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation I believe you'll find premium subscriber content falls under 'Demographic maps and layers'

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Thanks James! That link is very useful. 

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