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Spatial query options in Experience builder

05-03-2023 09:01 AM
Occasional Contributor III

I've got two separate questions, but both on the same topic

  1. In Web AppBuilder one of the options for the spatial filter in a query  was 'Return features within the full extent of the map'. This no longer seems to be an option. By default, if you dont select 'Current map extent' or 'Drawn graphic' this seems to be what you get, but it would be nice to be able to actually put that in the options.
  2. Again, in Web AppBuilder one of the options for the spatial filter in a query was to select those features that intersect another layer. again, this seems to be an option with 'Selected features from data source', but within Web AppBuilder, you chose it as an option, and only when you ran the query did you have to select a layer. unless i'm missing something, you now have to specify the layer in the query builder, which somewhat defeats the object of allowing users to input their own layers to use to search.

My apologies, if I've misread this, as I've found that there are several counter-intuitive elements in 'Experience' versus 'WebApp', but I hope someone can help.



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