Some Layers not Loading in New Map Viewer

01-04-2022 06:18 AM
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Hi all!

I've run into an issue when opening my maps (built in classic map viewer) in the new Map Viewer. 

Say we have three layers: A, B and C, all based on the same hosted feature layer, just symbolized differently:

  • A is symbolized with a custom Arcade expression, and uses the Shape symbols in Classic map viewer
  • B is symbolized with a categorical attribute, and uses custom images as symbols
  • C is symbolized with a custom Arcade expression (different from A), and uses custom images as symbols

Only B displays normally in the new map viewer.

It will be really helpful if someone can provide some pointers on possible cause and solutions.


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Esri Notable Contributor

Can you share the map and we can take a look? thanks!

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