Shared web map extent changes when embedded in WordPress blog

05-17-2021 03:43 AM
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I created a map in ArcGIS Pro 2.8.0 and shared it as a web map to AGOL.  The area of interest is between the USA and Papua New Guinea, so I set the map extent to show North America in the east and Australia in the west.  Opening the map in AGOL always shows the saved extent.

When share the AGOL web map and I embed the provided HTML code in a WordPress blog, the extent is changed so that North America is in the west and Australia is in the east.  This shows all the features, but does not show the intended connection across the Pacific.

I've tried re-saving the web map with the preferred extent to no avail.  I have not had this problem with other shared web maps of the Pacific area, though they do not have features in the US.

Any suggestions for a novice?


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