Seeking a workflow that combines CSVs and hosted joins

11-24-2021 01:45 PM
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I'm looking for an easy workflow that will allow an end user to maintain their data in a CSV, then upload the revisions into ArcGIS Online AND have those updates be automatically reflected in a hosted polygon feature layer. It seems to me that the following workflow should work, but it doesn't:

- User creates a CSV and uploads it to ArcGIS Online as a hosted table (no spatial information beyond a county name).

- User also owns a hosted polygon feature layer with county polygons and a field with the county names.

- User creates a hosted feature layer join between the static county polygons and the hosted table created from the CSV.

- Later, the user has changes to the data in the CSV, so they go to the hosted table, click Update and select overwrite layer, and overwrite the original data with the updated data.

- After uploading the new data, the hosted feature layer's symbology automatically changes based on the newly updated values.

Everything works in this workflow EXCEPT the last step. When I go back to the hosted join, no data displays on the map and I cannot open the attribute table.

I have an alternative method for updating the data that involves a Python script. However, it would be a real game changer for my "not tech savvy" colleagues if they can just maintain a spreadsheet and upload the data directly into ArcGIS Online to update their maps.

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